Sunday, 14 January 2007

Restaurant New King, Amsterdam

After the movie we had dinner in my favourite Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam: New King on the Zeedijk. Nothing fancy but fantastic food. We always order the same two dishes: oysters in Chinese sauce and prawns with pepper and salt. Yummy, yummy. The place is extremely popular so you may have to wait. Was also happy to see that my favourite waiter was still there, a very good-looking tall Chinese guy. I think his younger brother is now also helping out, let's wait a few years and we will know if he can match his brother!


sgboy said...

I think I also once ate in this same rest! Bad service and cheap Chinese food seem to go hand in hand in most part of EUR. I love and miss it.

happyamsguy said...

Actually, New King is not cheap at all and the service is good and quick. Will pick up my old habit of eating there at least once a month.