Monday, 11 February 2008

Amsterdam favourite international gay destination

US magazine Out Traveler asked their readers for their favourite travel destinations and Amsterdam took the nr. 1 position in the "International Gay Destination" category. I am quite surprised as the competition is big and Amsterdam had to deal with some negative news such as incidents of gay bashing and the closure of some famous bars and clubs. Twenty or fifteen years ago Amsterdam was certainly the gay capital of Europe (and, together with San Francisco, the gay capital of the world). Today, fortunately, many other cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, London, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Sydney and Bangkok, have also turned into gay-friendly places so it is a big honour that Amsterdam is still ranked as the nr. 1. And I am glad to know that the Handbag Museum made it to Out Magazine's webpage: "Gold: Amsterdam
A proposed ban on munching magic mushrooms might stop Amsterdam's psychedelic swirl of rainbows, but aside from some pointed press about conservatives' narrowing policies toward immigration and religion (i.e., Muslims), the Netherlands still maintains an inclusive love affair with all flavors of minorities, sexual or otherwise. Meanwhile, a new Museum of Bags and Purses -- the world's first -- ups the city's already fashionable and cutting-edge ante."

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