Monday, 25 February 2008

Mark your calendars!

It is official: as MA, WI, HE and I will be celebrating our collective 186th birthday this year, we will throw a big party in WI's new home on Sunday, June 15. So please mark your calendars and keep that day (and the next!) free.
The weekend was great. I worked a bit and ran some errands on Saturday and in the evening MA insisted I join him in Soho to which I replied "OK, one beer.". At first, it was a bit slow with only MA, JE, WI and CC around, and I was all ready to leave around 1 AM when two cute men showed up and were obviously interested in talking to us. Turns out they are visiting from London and one of them is very, very nice. The conversation just flowed automatically and we have the same sense of humour. It also helped that he is 100% cute. We stayed in Soho until closing time, I decided not to join him to his hotel (I am so decent) but we exchanged numbers so who knows he will come to Amsterdam again or I will always visit London at least once a year.
On Sunday my sister in law celebrated her 50th birthday. We had dinner in a very good restaurant and it was fun to meet her family again. She has 3 nephews who are now students in their early 20's and once again I was amazed how self-confident and nice the young people are these days. When there are 3 sons in the family usually at least one is gay and I wouldn't mind hehe. I think their mother likes me a lot as she was talking to me half of the time and she wanted to have our picture taken. Also I realized that shortly after I met her 25 years ago her oldest son was born and he was named after me.

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