Sunday, 3 February 2008

Losing appetite for sex?

It had been a long time that I had been to Cuckoo's Nest, and being a bit horny I decided on Friday evening to honour the bar with my visit. It is amazing how many faces I still recognize: it seems that at least half of the patrons visit "CNN" (as SU calls the bar) every night because whenever I am there, they are there. I found PH upstairs and we chatted a bit (the usual topic being that before we both die we should have sex, PH is one of those friends that we get along well and like to chat, but never had sex). I had a tour of the downstairs area which was packed. After a while I spotted a beautiful young white man in his 20's, wearing very fashionable clothes which is unusual for CNN. He smiled at me (I was surprised and looked around if someone cute was standing behind me first), so having made sure the smile was for me I walked up and we had a chat. He was friendly enough and made it clear he wanted something, but suddenly the feeling came over me "what am I doing here?" and I quickly excused myself and went upstairs. After another beer I guess the horniness came back and I went down again. This time I had to wait a bit longer to find someone who liked me. Late 30's, looked like a mix of Arab and black, cute. He grabbed my dick and then took my hand to lead me into a cabin. The same feeling came back to me, so I lied "sorry not my type" and I went upstairs and left the bar. Fortunately MA texted "Soho in 30 minutes" because I really needed a "normal" bar with good friends. I don't think I'll go to CNN soon again. I feel that I am losing the appetite for sex with strangers.
Had a long chat with MA in Soho. We share similar experiences with our non-Dutch housemates and something had happened between MA and JE that MA needed to vent about. We joked that it would be so much easier for MA and me to live together, and as neither of us has sex with our housemate anyway, it sounds like a grand plan. RO was telling us about his upcoming trip to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. I am jealous that so many people are traveling this month: KE is in Singapore and Thailand, FR and CH left for Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam on Friday, WB and FR are leaving Monday to Malaysia and Thailand, and RO is leaving next week, too. Well, another 6 1/2 weeks and I'll be there.


Anonymous said...

Oh gee, the CN brings such fond memories. Oh, btw, you forgot about me. Travelling too. I am sure you'll have fun without any of us bothering you.

DA in SF

happyamsguy said...

Have a great trip to the country of your young years! Buen viaje!