Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A great party

Yesterday we had a party to celebrate the first anniversary of our company. We started drinking (white wine, in my case) around 4pm and I can't remember what time I got home. It was good white wine because I didn't have a headache this morning and I made it to the office on-time, well - almost. Some 50 people showed up and we had great fun telling stories about the weird people and situations in our work life. This was one example of an event that I didn't really look forward to but turned out to be very nice. And it is always useful to have seen one's bosses drunk!
Today FR sent me an SMS from Singapore telling me it is unusually cool, they are meeting with our old friend TC (who used to live in Amsterdam until 2003, moved to Melbourne to study and now lives back home in Singapore) and he and CH are going to Bangkok tomorrow. Five minutes later another message from KE who is in Singapore also telling me he is going to Bangkok. Now you must know that FR and CH don't talk with KE anymore, so evil I just hope they are on the same flight tomorrow.
Since changing my various dating profiles to include my travel schedule in Asia I have been flooded with messages from Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian guys. As there are far too many (and too much hassle to remember who-is-who and how and when to meet) I think I'll just leave it to spontaneous meetings once I am there. Anyway, it is good to be popular even for the wrong reasons. Hehe

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