Thursday, 7 February 2008

I am a masochist

It is official: I must be a masochist to see the worst movie in the world not once, but twice. Yesterday, like every first Wednesday of the month, was gay movie night at Pathe De Munt. MA had mentioned that we should all go (that is, those members of the gang who are in Amsterdam) so I dutifully showed up to realize that the movie to be shown is "Rent". I had watched this movie in Singapore two years ago and it was easily the most boring, bad movie I have seen in a long time. Well, I thought I'd give the movie a second chance, and found it even worse this time. Bad, monotonous songs, no story, bad acting, you name it. All of our gang hated the movie and throughout the movie people stood up and left. Browsing the web tonight I saw that Rent was never released in the Netherlands which is proof of our good taste!
In other news, our American shareholder sent an internal auditor to us today and I spent most of the day with him. I think I was able to convince him that their money is safe with us. We had a long lunch and he asked about my favourite candidate for the US presidency; he must have been shocked with my answer ("Obama seems to be the best for lack of a more liberal/progressive candidate") as he admitted to being a conservative Republican.

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