Monday, 4 February 2008

A typical, busy, boring, good day

I have been busy at work (so much for my semi-retirement) so I have had many typical, busy, boring, good days like today:
7:00 AM: wake up, have shower, check e-mail, breakfast, get dressed
8:15 AM: leave house on bicycle
8:45 AM: arrive office
8:45 AM to 6:30 PM: receive and write about 100 e-mails, get and make about 20 phone calls, write proposals, do admin, manage staff, listen to my bosses with their plans, 20 minute lunch break around 1 PM
6:30 PM: leave office
7:00 PM: arrive home
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM: my exercises (I still need to lose 8 kg)
8:00 PM to 8:45 PM: prepare and eat dinner
8:45 PM to 12:00 midnight: read newspaper, read book, watch TV, watch movie, surf Internet, write e-mail, write blog, call friends
12:00 midnight: zzzzzzzz
Actually, 4 out of 5 nights it is more like:
12:00 to 12:03 AM: wank, wank
12:03 AM: zzzzzzzz
Life is boring but good!

1 comment:

sgboy said...

only 3 mins to wank? how efficient