Sunday, 3 February 2008

Obama for President!

I am not American and I don't get to vote in the US elections. (although I think I could: when I was in New York years ago I was approached by someone who asked if I was a "registered voter", upon my negative answer he invited me to register, if I had claimed to be American I may have succeeded....) Still I am following the US campaign with much interest as the US is still the biggest country in the Western world. My friend DA recently explained why he voted for Hillary in his blog. And I? I would vote for Obama. Why? Well, first of all I would never vote for a Republican. They are too far right wing conservative for my liking. To be honest, the Democrats are just a bit better; it is amazing that a true social-democrat or liberal party doesn't exist in America. What I like about Obama is his age (my generation, so still young hehe) and the freshness and inspiration of his message. All countries, once in while, need some change and excitement and Obama is the man who can bring it after 20 years of rule by the Bush and Clinton dynasties. Furthermore, Hillary has proven that she can't deliver: one of the biggest shames on America's record is the fact that it doesn't provide universal health care to its citizens. Hillary was put in charge of arranging it, and she failed miserably. So Obama is the man! (by the way, with a black father and a white mother why do people think he is black? He is mixed-race)

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Anonymous said...

As AMS stated, my views are already on my blog. Just be careful about being swept by the word "change." I don't think he is as gay-friendly as he may say now. Ask the mayor of San Francisco. See

DA in SF