Monday, 18 February 2008

More Arabs who are insecure about their sexuality

We all know that mentally healthy heterosexuals don't discriminate against gays. These people don't care if a guy likes another guy, "you live your life and I live mine". We also know that the real enemies of gays are people who have problems in their own sexual development. And we also know that Arab countries have a unusually large percentage of people with such sexual disorders. Not so strange if you know that their culture and religion requires women to be wrapped in burqas and niqabs. If a normal healthy heterosexual boy can't even see a woman, how can we expect him to develop normally and be tolerant of others? I was reminded of the backwardness of Arab culture when I read the story that the Gulf State of Bahrain will tighten immigration checks to stop foreign gay people entering the country. A certain Mr. Fairooz who is a member of parliament in the fine dictatorship of Bahrain knows more: "They look manly as they come to the airport, but when they get in they return back to their unaccepted homosexual attitude." I wonder who told him? Or does Mr. Fairooz perhaps know very well where to find a cute young man? Just like most of the other Arabs. Hypocrites.

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