Sunday, 17 February 2008


Watched a German movie Eden yesterday which was nice. The film is a comedy drama with romantic overtones, about a married woman (Eden) with a young Downs-afflicted daughter (Leonie) and a frustrated husband (Xaver) who meets a fat, introverted, awkward, but extremely talented and warm chef (Gregor) in the spa village they live in. She becomes enthralled by him, visits his house, and begins a chaste affair with him where their mutual affection is expressed only through the food he cooks and her appreciation of it. Xaver hears about his wife's weekly dinners with the chef, and despite her renewed romantic interest in her husband, inspired by the "cuisine erotique" cooked by the chef, Xaver becomes jealous and angry and the plot proceeds from there. I liked the chef's character: he is very aware of his strenghts (and weaknesses) and lets action speak much louder than words.
After the movie I was extremely surprised to find MA all alone in Soho. Now that almost all of the gang is travelling I guess for a while we must get used to the situation that we are not the centre of attention in the bar. Fortunately HE and CC also showed up. Turns out that CC has not only been talking with me about doing a traineeship at our company, but also with MA. In the end he chose to go with our company. MA just found out last night and he was disappointed.

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