Sunday, 10 February 2008

Export to Singapore

Yesterday JA came for dinner. He is 30 years young, Spanish and cute. He has been living in Amsterdam for the last 3 years or so, and when a good friend of his was telling him enthusiastic stories about Singapore he went there to have a look (for a week, his first trip ever to Asia), fell in love with the city and is now preparing to move to Singapore. Talking with him I can't help but get the impression that he is totally in honeymoon-mood ("Asians are so polite, charming, friendly and soft"), but who am I to spoil his feelings? I am sure some of the soft Singaporeans will attack him the moment he sets foot in the Lion City. Hehe
Spring has arrived! It has been sunny, 12 C and very pleasant. Yesterday I worked in the garden removing the dead plants from last year and planting new, fresh plants and flowers. It is actually too early in the year to do this, so we all hope there won't be snow and ice later in February or March.


.: aGent X ::.. said...

Good luck to your Spanish friend ...hihi and I'm not too sure about spring yet, just cycled home in minus 2 degrees tonight.

happyamsguy said...

Isn't it wonderful to feel the cool fresh air early in the morning and during the evenings? And the balmy sun during the day after such a dreary grey winter? And don't you think everything looks prettier in this weather?