Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Handbag Museum

It was a busy weekend. After the school reunion and the daily hospital visit, I was invited for dinner at RO's place. Once a year, most of the museums in Amsterdam are open until late (at least until 2am) for the so-called "Museum Night". The idea is to make it "cool" to visit a museum, and I think the idea works as thousands of mostly young people were "museum hopping". Our group consisted of RO, MA, WIB, FR, WI, GO and myself and we visited 4 museums: the Film Museum, the Biblical Museum (where we sang Christmas Carols), the Handbag Museum and the Museum of the Tropics. The Handbag Museum was lots of fun for a group of corny gay men. And I liked the collection of 58 "bisj poles" from the Asmat tribe from New Guinea in the Museum of the Tropics.
Today I drove 400km to visit my youngest niece who was celebrating her 13th birthday. A good family reunion. On the way back I visited OS in hospital. I just checked e-mail and my inbox had an e-mail from RE telling me he had lots of fun at Amsterdam Leather Pride weekend. I missed it completely......

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