Monday, 26 November 2007

Eating liver with a rich ex-prostitute

Yesterday was JE's 42nd birthday party. JE is a professional cook and he is gooooood. So I loaded my plate without looking at what was on offer. (he usually prepares a buffet of 6 or 7 different dishes for his parties) I dug in to the food and yikes, one of the dishes was liver. I eat almost everything, but liver is one of the exceptions. I just don't like it. I put on a brave face and ate it all. Next time I am going to pay more attention.
It was a 100% gay-male party. All the usual suspects were present and I must say I enjoyed myself. A good change from the hospital visits. I chatted with XX who told me everything about his life as a prostitute. (XX is not his real name but I will protect his privacy on a public site.) I have known XX more than 10 years - he is an ex-colleague (hairdresser) of OS. Later he became the boyfriend of YY, and we always got along very well. After YY broke up with him, he had a difficult period and decided to become a prostitute, dressing up like a girl and sitting in a window of the red light district. Apparently, there is a big market for guys who dress up like girls, and XX soon became popular. At first, he did the 100 euro tricks, but some guys fell in love with him and were willing to spend much more. So he had "lovers" all over Europe and the Middle East who bought him air tickets to visit them, and spent thousands of euros on his services. He did this for two years and he told me how much he saved: a lot. An awful lot.
The doctors told OS that he might be allowed to go home by the end of this week. Finally.

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