Monday, 19 November 2007

Having sex with one's sister

So this is the view from my bedroom window - they are replacing the sewers and gas and electricity and what-not, which is going to take 10 weeks. And these men start work around 6:30am every week day and wake me up.....
I had dinner with WI last night who told me this story that he had heard from a friend the night before. A guy was drunk last week, meets a girl who is also drunk, he takes her home and as they are having sex (apparently the woman getting fucked while on her side and looking at the wall of the bedroom), the guy's roommate walks in and asks "may I join?" and guy # 1 and the girl agree so guy # 2 takes over from guy # 1 and happily fucks the girl. When they are done they find out that guy # 2 and the girl are brother and sister.... WI claims he believes the story is true, but even if not it is a good story. Makes for nice dinner conversation when visiting mom and dad.
ER says that I am "daddy material" now after gaining weight during my period of inactiveness as a result of my bruises. Well, this weekend I got quite some good attention so if this comes with being a daddy I am not complaining. First Saturday night a Japanese student was interested and yesterday a nice black man. But I have been quite jaded lately so nothing happened.
OS had his 5th operation this morning and he was quite depressed when I visited him just now. The doctors claim they have no idea why his wounds won't heal. He still can't eat and can't talk and the doctors told him he needs to stay another 2 weeks minimum in hospital. And after the wounds have healed he needs to start 6 weeks of daily radio therapy which will cause bad burns in his mouth (and again, no eating and drinking).

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