Monday, 12 November 2007

How many nationalities did you have sex with?

I received an e-mail from DL from Bangkok who writes: "Hi Happyamsguy, Remember one day that we were walking in the park and talk about how many nationalities that we had sex with, that question came back to me few days ago & I start count again, about 24 this time!! wanna do your?"

OK just for fun, my total is 28 as follows:

Americas: Canada, USA, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Ecuador
Europe: Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland
Africa: Morocco
Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India
Australia: Australia

I am quite sure some of the faithful readers of this blog have a much higher nationality-count!


Anonymous said...

Does American Indian count as a nationality?

DA in SF

happyamsguy said...

If you like, you may count your American Indian as an additional nationality. So what's your score?

Anonymous said...


DA in SF

Colin said...

29... damn I'm on top of Happyamsguy

sgboy said...

1) Thailand
2) Singapore
3) Taiwan
4) Japan
5) Malaysia
6) India
7) China
8) Philippines
9) Holland
10) Germany
11) South Africa
12) Italy
13) France
14) Portugal
15) England
16) Scotland
17) Ireland
18) America
19) Poland
20) Mexico
21) Spain
22) Belgium
23) Luxembourg
24) Russia
25) Turkey
26) Switzerland
27) Australia
28) Canada
29) Norway
30) Finland
31) New Zealand
.....Oh I fucked a guy in a sauna once, he looked Greek to me...can I add Greece in the list?

happyamsguy said...

No, just "looking Greek" doesn't count.
The scores above prove, yet again, that Singaporeans are the biggest sluts.....

Anonymous said...

Or they are better at fuzzy mathematics.

DA in SF

makakak said...

Are you talking of prostitutes too?

I think better to talk of ethnicities because many nations have different ones--eg you can have American indians, Indian Indians, Scandinavians, Blacks and what not in USA.
The kick comes from the different ethnicity/race/religion not citizenship. eg It makes no difference if I have a white USA or Ozzie.