Friday, 9 November 2007

Of hospitals and condoms

OS had his third operation on Wednesday morning after more internal bleeding during the night. I was called at 530am and when I arrived at the hospital I was quite shocked seeing the bloodbath that OS was in. After the operation he had high fever and too low blood pressure so they decided to keep him in the intensive care department. The fever has gone and the blood pressure is back to normal now, so perhaps he can go back to his "normal" room later today again. Anyway, early in the week he was hoping to go home today but that has now been postponed by at least 10 days.
In better news, the social democrats in the European Parliament want to keep condoms affordable. "The value added tax on condoms throughout the EU should be kept to a minimum. Dutch Labour Party PvdA and other social democrats in the European Parliament are urging for this. They hope this will help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS in Europe. EU members set the VAT rate for condoms in their respective countries. In Sweden and Denmark they are taxed at 25 percent. In the Netherlands condoms are already in the lower VAT bracket of 6 percent. The legal minimum in the EU is 5 percent." Not that I have been a big user of condoms lately, but you never know when happier times will arrive again.

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