Sunday, 11 November 2007

Shopping for clothes

There are few things in life that I detest more than shopping for clothes. (hence my very fashionable wardrobe hehe) Usually, I go alone but once in a while I find someone who can actually help me find decent clothes quickly. In Singapore, ER helped me buy some shirts last year, and today AA who was visiting from London assisted me. We went to Hennes and Mauritz and within 15 minutes I had found and bought some new clothes. Earlier, I had dimsum with AA, HS and CHU at Cantonese restaurant Nam Tin. I don't know why this place is so popular with Chinese tourists who are coming in by the bus load, as it is not cheap and the food is very average. They probably pay big commissions to the tour operators.
OS is back in his room and doing relatively well. He is starting to look pale from being in hospital beds for 3 weeks. At the earliest he will be allowed to come home at the end of this week, but they could also decide to keep him one more week.

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