Sunday, 27 January 2008

Pain distracts

As I wrote earlier, they have been working on the sewers etc. in my street. Work is progressing very slowly (a 3-week Christmas holiday didn't help), but finally the work is almost done and the new pavements have been laid. As this part of the country is slowly sinking every now and then they raise all streets, this time by some 25cm. Which resulted in my front garden being 25cm below street level which would mean I'd have a swimming pool when it is raining. So most of this weekend I was putting sand and earth into my front garden to get everything on the same level again. Lots of hard work and I found some muscles that I never knew I had. As both of my neighbours are old ladies I did their gardens, too.
So now I have a bad back pain which I hope will go away soon. Until then, the physical pain helps to distract from the emotional pain I am feeling.
With the hard work I didn't go to the bars this weekend. MR and RB came for dinner - they have a minor renovation of their house (picture below), so they are camping out with friends and family for the next 6 months. I offered them my house for when I am in Asia in March/April.

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