Monday, 28 January 2008

Mixing business with pleasure (2)

I normally don't mix business with pleasure - I mean, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is long enough to spend with even the nicest person, so why would I want to socialize with colleagues? But now I am about to make an exception: I was chatting with CC in the bar last night and he told me he still needs a company that will give him a project for the graduation thesis for his studies in international business. Before I knew it I told him we might have something for him, and when I discussed it with my boss this morning he was immediately enthusiastic as we are negotiating a huge multi-million project in China and if we get it we will need a lot of help. As CC is Chinese his language skills will definitely come in handy. So I arranged an interview between CC and my boss and if they like each other, soon I will see CC not only in the bars but also in the office. I only know CC in jeans and tight T-shirts so it will be interesting to see him in business attire later this week!
Today was sgboy's 26th birthday! (well, actually in Singapore it is already tomorrow so his birthday was yesterday there - whatever) Have a nice year and many happy returns!

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sgboy said...

thanks hapyamsguy!

It is great being "26"