Sunday, 20 January 2008

My new VM660

This is my new Domyos VM660 on which I am going to lose 10kg in the next two months. I am tired of all the "did you gain weight?" comments by friends and others, so something needed to be done. My old exercise bike broke down a couple of weeks ago after 6 years of faithful service so I bought a new one yesterday, assembled and tried it today, and am going to use it on a daily basis for the next few months. I will also cut down on beer (I only went out one evening this weekend) and have ordered OS to stop buying cookies, chocolate, ice cream and everything else that I can't resist when I find it in the fridge. From now on, I will have a carrot when I feel hungry between meals.
The weekend was nice and quiet, watched two movies: El Lobo which I liked (and Eduardo Noriega is very cute) and The Guardian which is nothing special (but Ashton Kutcher made me drool...). The evening out with the gang was good, too, and we made fun with RO who, yet again, has a new lover whom he told on day 1 that he is "not monogamous". The number of cute guys that RO attracts is amazing (he is a top and the story is he fucks very well), but they seldom last more than a weekend as RO insists on telling them that he likes to fuck around. I think he wants a steady partner but this way it is not gonna happen. I also had long phone calls with DA and AA which was nice. Finally, I watched the speed skating world championship with a nice new champion, Lee Kyou-Hyuk from Korea.


Anonymous said...

Stop going to Applebees!

DA in SF

Anonymous said...

Hey, is your Domyos bike a good bike?? I'm thinking about buying one, but not sure about it... read some bad comments online. Would like to hear your opinion!!