Monday, 14 January 2008

A consolation prize

I had an interesting conversation with CH and CC in the bar yesterday. CH is 46 and originally from Singapore, and he was telling me that when he came to the Netherlands 25 years ago the only guys interested in meeting him were (in his words) "old, fat men". So he decided to remain single until he met his younger boyfriend FR 5 years ago. CC, who is 26 from China joined in the conversation and told us that he gets lots of attention from young Dutch guys. In CH's opinion, the appreciation of other cultures has developed over the years. I am not so sure that's the reason, and joked that CC is just a lot cuter than CH was when he was young. Anyway, CC's partner is 23 years his senior so all the attention from young guys doesn't seem to make much difference.
I learned on Saturday that MA was the lucky one to have sex with TO, the Japanese, after we all left on Friday. And again on Saturday, and again on Sunday. No wonder MA looked a bit tired when I saw him last night. As a consolation prize I got a rather nice SMS from TO: "Hi Happyamsguy, thank you very much for everything! I was very glad to see you and I'll miss you in Moscow. (TO lives in Moscow) You are very kind guy so I like you very much. I inform you my e-mail Hope keep touch with you and exactly see you again."
The story of my life: others get the sex and I get sweet messages.....By the way, this is the first time I see an e-mail address with tt and rim in it.

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