Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A good ushering in of the new year

This picture is of the traditional new year's dive which is very popular along the Netherlands' coast. The water temperature is around 7 C so what people do is run into the sea and then get out and get warm as quickly as possible. I participated once when I was 16 or so and it is coooooold.
Last night was a great party at PT and MC place. They are expats in Amsterdam and PT's company is paying for a beautiful apartment at Prinsengracht. We were 18, of which half were Filipino's and the other half white guys. Oh, and one lady. The hard core of the gang were all traveling so I had the chance to meet some new people. We had planned to go to the open air concert at Dam Square or to the bars, but the party was so nice that all of us stayed until 3:30am.
Today the three main gay bars in Reguliersdwarsstraat all had free drinks! The gang, including me, was out from 5pm until 9:30pm and I spent exactly zero cents! The owner of the gay bars, Mr. Sjoerd Kooistra, is making so much money on us that this is just a small gesture to pay us a little dividend!

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Arry said...

I thought you would participate this year, Sjørd! :)

Again, happy New Year! :) Great to read your blog because it contains funny tidbits!!!