Wednesday, 30 January 2008

End of treatment

Today was the last time OS underwent radiation therapy for his cancer treatment. I accompanied him to the hospital and after the treatment we met with all of OS' doctors. They seem to be satisfied with the results so far, but warned that the pain and burns would still get worse over the next 2 weeks or so. His cheek looks terrible as if he has been burnt in a fire, he can't eat, sleeps badly and has horrible pains. I have been given the task to administer the morphine that the doctors gave him against the pain. From the day of his operation more than 3 months have passed. I have seen once again from up close that it is true what people say: having good health is the most important asset in life. Whatever gods or natural order you believe in, if you are healthy thank them for it!

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Anonymous said...

Do convey my regards to OS. It is easy for us on the sidelines to give best wishes, but none of us know how terrible the pain is. As you said, good health is something to be cherished.

DA in SF