Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Blushing and The Kite Runner

I worked from home most of today so I had time to go shopping for clothes, which I normally hate. I found a good jeans quickly and was happy that the assistant suggested I could use one size smaller than my normal size. So with a big smile I proceeded to the (cute, young, male) cashier with whom I had the following conversation:
Cashier: "You look happy, did you find what you were looking for?"
Me: "Yes, very happy. This jeans is good for me. Normally I hate shopping for clothes."
Cashier: "Why would that be?"
Me: "Well, I guess in that respect I am a real man"
Cashier: "So in which respect are you not a real man?" (big smile)
Me: (mumbling and blushing) "Well, youknowwhatimean"
It often surprises me how self confident and straightforward the young people are these days. This guy was probably only 18, but very sure of himself.
I watched The Kite Runner today which was nice. If you have read the book there are no surprises in the movie, but I think they did the film in a nice way and it didn't bore me for a single minute. I had to shed a few tears, being the sentimental bitch that I am.


Anonymous said...

How come you did not ask him for tea? Oh yeah. No era un Chinito.

DA from SF

Colin said...

Sigh... are you soooo blind?!?! The 18yo is cuming on to you!!