Thursday, 24 May 2007

The nicest tourists in the world

A survey done with owners of European hotels found that they prefer to have Japanese guests, followed by Americans, Swiss, Swedes and Germans. The least popular guests are the French, and Chinese, Russians, Indians and English are also not very popular.
Not surprisingly, the best dressed tourists are the French, Japanese, Italians, Spanish and Swiss. Americans have the worst taste in clothes, closely followed by the Brits, Germans, Chinese and Russians.
If you want a big tip, you are best of with American, Russian, Japanese, Swiss and Australian guests. The worst tippers are the Germans, French, Italians, Spanish and Chinese.
I just love these useless statistics!

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Colin said...

Where do Singaporeans rank? I think we are the worst in politeness? Some idiot stopped me near the Eiffel Tower in Paris and barked "harlo, where toliet har "...

Guess where he is from.