Friday, 18 May 2007

Croc, gorilla and IW2

Apparently the croc bit off the arm of a Taiwanese vet more than a month ago, but I just saw the picture today. More recent news is that a mountain gorilla called Bokito escaped its confines in the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam this afternoon. Four people were injured when the gorilla toured the zoo. One woman was grabbed and dragged along by the animal. She had to be taken to hospital. The Dutch version of King Kong. Visitors were evacuated from the zoo. A spokesperson says there were thousands of visitors in the park at the time of the incident, but that no great panic broke out. Once again I had to live through a day of headaches caused by bloody alcohol, and I even cancelled a dinner appointment with MR and RO. I must say yesterday was very nice: I had a few beers with MA, JE, IW1 and IW2. Until yesterday I didn't know IW2 very well; I am glad to have spent some time with him as he is a very nice and funny guy. One never has enough friends, right?

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