Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Be careful when meeting sex dates via the Internet

A story from the town where I studied and lived from 1979-1985:
The police have arrested four men who deliberately infected homosexual men in Groningen with HIV. The police in Groningen announced this on Wednesday. The men met in chatrooms on the internet and made dates to meet at sex parties. There they were drugged with GHB and then injected with HIV-infected blood. Five victims between the ages of 25 and 50 have reported to the police so far. The suspects, three of whom are homosexual, are two 48-year-old men from Slochteren and two men from Groningen aged 33 and 34.

The public prosecution department has charged the men with premeditated grievous bodily harm. The maximum penalty which could be imposed on the suspects if convicted is 16 years in prison. The sex parties took place at the private homes of the suspects or the victims. Drugs were mixed into the drinks of the victims without their knowledge. They were then sexually abused and injected with contaminated blood. The injections were mixtures of different samples of infected blood from the suspects. Two of the suspects have confessed. The police say the suspects "got a kick" out of doing this to their victims.

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