Thursday, 31 May 2007

Homosexual money

My former employer has paid the money to my private investment company yesterday, so from now on I can start behaving like Scrooge McDuck (I never knew that this was his name in English, in Dutch we call him Dagobert Duck)
Anyway, I met an investment advisor (who by the way is totally sgboy's type) yesterday who brought a young girl to the meeting who he introduced as a trainee. A good investor advisor always starts with questions about your private life ("married?", "children?") so after I told them I am gay the girl kept staring at me. Perhaps it was the first time in her life she sat across the table from a gay man?


Anonymous said...

Trade up to a Porsche now?

DA in SF

sgboy said...

did you pass him my number? remember to add that I am very willing to please.....