Sunday, 4 March 2007

A trashy Sunday

Morning: my exercises 45 minutes, a bit of Internet browsing 45 minutes, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom 2.5 hours (I am such a good housewife sometimes)
Afternoon: more cleaning (1 hour), shower and go to city (45 minutes), movie "Night at the Museum" (2 hours)

The only highlight of Night at the Museum is Rami Malek who is so cute. This picture doesn't do him justice......

Evening: drinks at April (2.5 hours) A lot of acquaintances there, such as NO and GE whom ER and I met in the breakfast room of the Pinnacle Hotel in Bangkok in November, and KU and XX (why do I always forget the names of guys that don't interest me?) who are going to get married soon. KU is such a nice and funny guy. He is a Malay guy from Singapore and is so full of life. He told me he and his bf went to the Singapore Consulate to arrange for some papers they need in order to get married. They were quite open about their same-sex marriage and apparently the Singapore Consulate cooperated without hesitation. I told KU that he should write to the Straits Times as they may be the first same-sex married couple where one of the partners is Singaporean.
Too drunk to go to a decent restaurant so dinner at Burger King. (20 minutes) A whopper menu with fries and coke light (who am I fooling?)


Anonymous said...

At this rate, it looks like I'll be driving all the way to San Francisco while you chuckle beers at the truck stops. Can't wait to see you befriendling the natives while we are in Cheyenne. Is this how you'll want to remember Interstate 80? :-)

DA from SF

happyamsguy said...

I promise I will be sober during the day. Yeah, and we really should share some beers with the rednecks in some 50's diner in the evenings.