Thursday, 8 March 2007

Grand Ecole

Every first Wednesday of the month, one of the largest cinemas in Amsterdam will show a gay-themed movie. To make the evening different, they will give everyone a glass of champagne before the film, and they have teamed up with nearby bar April to have a happy hour (2 drinks for the price of one) after the movie.

Yesterday's movie was Grand Ecole, a 2004 French film directed by Robert Salis. It was nice for about an hour with lots of cute bodies to be seen (the waterpolo team!), but I got irritated by the endless discussions and philosophying, which would never happen between real people. Sometimes these European directors, aiming to make a "different", "sophisticated" movie just lose touch with reality. So I focused on the handsome men who were shown in full nudity throughout the film, especially Jocelyn Quivrin as Louis-Arnault and Salim Kechiouche as Mecir.
The gang who were on holiday in SE Asia for 4 weeks were back in town, so the beer flowed freely in April and it was good to hear all of their stories.

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