Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A thousand star hotel

We arrived back on Bali from Flores this afternoon after a short, but great trip to see the Komodo dragons. We flew to Labuan Bajo on Flores island yesterday morning, were met by our cute guide Richard (who speaks fluent English and rather good Dutch!), sailed 2 1/2 hours to Rinca island where a local ranger accompanied us for a two hour hike. We saw 5 Komodo dragons (the largest 3 meters long) which is quite scary when they came walking towards us. Also saw water buffalos which are sometimes eaten by the dragons. We slept on the deck of a small boat - hence the 1000 star hotel. This morning woke up at first daylight at 6am to do snorkeling - better coral reefs around Flores than near Bali.
Tonight GI will buy us dinner (it is my last night with MA and GI) at Antique restaurant - one of the best in Bali. And tomorrow I'll fly to Singapore to put the crown on my holidays!

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