Thursday, 24 April 2008

Canada and Japan

It is Thursday 1015pm and I just returned to my hotel after having dinner with my colleague in a typical Tartar restaurant. We also toured the Kazan Kremlin today after work - very beautiful.
First I need to correct a mistake in my previous post: the final of the ice hockey championships was between Canada and Russia. My Russian friends lost 8 - 0 so small wonder they were hiding from me at breakfast this morning.
Yesterday I met up with our gang's Japanese friend TO who lives in Moscow and who came to Amsterdam already twice this year. He took the trouble to fly to Kazan to meet me. We had a wonderful dinner in his hotel - TO was telling me about his 11 year career as a professional gymnast, he is a 4 times Japanese gymnastics champion! A very hard life according to the stories especially after he moved to Russia with his new trainer. As his hotel was much nicer than mine I accepted his invitation to sleep over - if my bosses are too cheap to provide me with a decent hotel I will make my own arrangements......

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