Monday, 28 April 2008

Another night in hospital

Yesterday OS came back to Amsterdam from Colombia and I was quite shocked to see the result of the infection in his arm. I told him to go to the hospital today, but OS was afraid they might keep him there which would mean he'd miss Queen's Day, so he didn't go. After I came home tonight I just took him to the hospital where they put a drain in his arm and gave instructions how to treat the wound. The doctor was quite relaxed about the whole thing which was a big relief for OS and myself. We can both do without frequent visits to the hospital.
In other news, SI from Hong Kong wrote me an e-mail in which he wrote: "I am suffering in Koh Samui on a work trip." And he is serious! He must be the first person in the world to complain about a business trip to Koh Samui.
And finally, TO from Moscow sent an SMS announcing his 3rd visit to Amsterdam for mid-May. Our gang should receive the "Best Ambassador Award" from the Amsterdam Tourist Board.

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