Wednesday, 9 April 2008

"Naar vriendschap zulk een mateloos verlangen"

I was chatting with ER this morning and realized once again what is really important in life. Most of us are busy chasing men, and we like to boast to our friends about our conquests. But how often have we walked out of a house, room or cubicle feeling empty and lonely? At those times, we realize that the goal of our hunting is to find real friendship and intimacy.
The designer of the Homomonument in Amsterdam captured this feeling very well by having an incription of a line from the poem To a young fisherman by Dutch gay poet Jacob Israël de Haan: "Naar vriendschap zulk een mateloos verlangen". ("Such an immense longing for friendship") Let us never forget that sex with the most beautiful hunk pales in comparison to hugging your loved one.

Roses are not as beautiful as your cheeks,
Tulips not as your tender bare feet,
And in no eyes I ever read
Such a boundless longing for friendship

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