Friday, 25 April 2008

Who said Singapore doesn't enforce anti-gay laws?

Wasn't it Lee Hsien Loong himself who said that yes, Singapore would keep its anti-gay laws, but no, they wouldn't be enforced? Can somebody please remind him and tell him to repeat his message, because the over-active bigots in various governmental agencies seem to not to have heard him.
The news today: A Singapore television station has been fined for airing a show that depicted a gay couple and their baby in a way that "promotes a gay lifestyle," the city-state's media regulator said Thursday. The Media Development Authority fined MediaCorp TV Channel 5 $11,000, it said in a statement on its Web site. The station aired an episode of a home and decor series called "Find and Design" that featured a gay couple wanting to transform their game room into a new nursery for their adopted baby. The authority said the episode contained scenes of the gay couple with their baby and the presenter's congratulations and acknowledgment of them as a family unit "in a way which normalizes their gay lifestyle and unconventional family setup."


Aidil Omar said...

Of course they don't- They don't barge into people's homes and arrest homosexuals engage in sex, they don't raid multiple gay spas or clubs, they don't ban tranvestites like Liang Po Po on national TV, they don't shut down local gay websites that promote alternative lifestyle- One gay professor by the name of Kerry Sieh (reported by State Times) even came to live here because Singapore is becoming more gay-friendly.

If gays are serious about their rights to coexist harmoniously with the conservative majority, then setup a nationwide campaign to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code.

I will readily support it.

happyamsguy said...

Dear aidil omar,

I am afraid this is what happened yesterday:
Dear members,

Our water supply was turned off at 10pm on the 25th April 2008, Saturday. (typo?) When we opened the back door to investigate amd turn it back on, a few plain-clothed officers from the CID rushed in. Sam immediately tried to stop them and demanded to know what was going on. They told him that they were conducting a 'spot-check'. When asked what they were checking for, they simply repeated 'spot-check'. the officers refused to specify what they were checking for despite repeated demands. Sam also asked if they had a warrant toc ehck the premises. Yhey refused to reply.

At this point in time, we turned on all the lights upstairs and downstairs to alert the members that a check was going on. None of the memebers were stopped from dressing or leaving, nor were they searched or any particulars taken.

When a female officer tried to enter, Sam repeatedly shouted that she was not allowed to enter as we are a private men's club and insisted taht she leave. Thereupon, the supervising officer threw sam to the ground and twisted his arms behind hsi back to handcuff him. Because of this, sam sustained cuts to his wrist and bruises on his left rib, for which he was later brought to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment.

The officers only removed several DVDs and Sam was arrested and spent the night in jail. He has been charged with assaulting (pushing) the officer that handcuffed him despite never having laid hands upon him. Sam is 74 years old. The officer was about 40.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will give a free return visit to anyone who was here when the incident occured - just tell the front desk.

We are open for business as usual for our 8TH YEAR from 11:30am to 11:30pm on wekdays and from 11:30am till 7am the followign day on fridays and Saturdays.

Club One Seven.

You still want to call Singapore gay friendly? As far as I am concerned, the so-called "conservative majority" can go to hell.

Aidil Omar said...

This is most unfortunate. I hope Sam is all right. This reeks of hypocrisy when the facade was made to look that we are gay friendly. The State Times made it look so. Just ask the gullible Prof Kerry Sieh.

I am sure deep in his heart he is regretting every bit of it.