Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Hard Rock Cafe, Amsterdam

In my wildest dreams I would never have thought that I would ever go to the Hard Rock Cafe. It is full of tourists and very American - two good reasons not to go there hehe. So when GZ suggested yesterday that we have dinner in the HRC I had to think for a while and then said to myself "why not?, let's try it". GZ has a frequent eater card for HRC which gives a discount and which also shortens the queue to get a table. When we got there, they told us the waiting time is one hour, but with GZ's card only 20 minutes. In the bar I saw an old friend who now works as a waiter in HRC and with his help we only had to wait 10 minutes. Upstairs in the restaurant there were lots of empty tables and they lied to us that a group had just left - but if they had been honest they would have told us the waiting time is for marketing reasons only, to pretend that the place is very popular and to force people to drink more in the bar. (food is reasonably prized, drinks are very expensive - come on 4.20 euro for a small beer is too much) That's what I mean with the place being very American: everything is about marketing and cross-selling. Most of the guests were American tourists it seemed, and for sure I can understand why most Dutch people don't like the HRC.
The food was quite good though - huge portions and hardly any veggies. The conversation with GZ was good as last time and I didn't give him a chance to complain about our last meeting which he had promised to do.
After HRC we went to Spijker bar where I hadn't been in 5 years. (GZ likes to go to bars with darkrooms) And he insisted we buy some joints, too. We had a few beers/wines in Soho with MA and RE, at one point I was very tired and listening to GZ and MA talk I realized GZ' way of talking is very much like sgboy. Later at home GZ forced-fed me the 2nd joint which made me sick in the middle of the night (but not as bad as last time).
I just got home from visiting mummy and MA is texting what time to meet for drinks. I will pass tonight, after an evening with GZ I need to rest.

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