Monday, 31 March 2008

Bali Blues

Monday morning in Bali. Arrived here on Saturday after spending 3 wonderful days in Yogya. We did two long day trips there and saw the Borobudur, Dieng Plateau where we did a nice hike, we visited Prambanan temple extensively and also toured the Yogya Kraton (sultan's palace). So if you think this is a fuck trip you are completely wrong. Also went out to Hugo's Bar where there was a 8 person band, about 20 staff and 3 customers - us. But fortunately on Friday there was a monthly gay group meeting in the bar of our hotel so we managed to meet some locals and other gay visitors.
Bali is nicer this time than I remember. The bars were packed on Saturday and we had a great time partying and dancing. GI was the first to take his shirt of - and he was very popular as a Thai visitor. Kind of a novelty I think. We are going to Komodo tomorrow to see the dragons (if our flights get confirmed) which should be interesting. So if I am not eaten by the dragons I'll report again later this week.

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