Sunday, 2 March 2008

Good to have friends

We must all realize how important and nice it is to have friends. Friends, of course, come in all kinds of varieties. Like this weekend for me: yesterday was out and chatted with CH and FR about their trip. CH was getting drunk and also getting touchy-feely and he suggested when FR went to the toilet that we should meet in private soon. Also met HU from Taiwan who used to live in Amsterdam, then found a new job in Switzerland and now was back (holiday only) in Amsterdam again. Good to see an old friend after a long time. Also TO the Japanese came back to Amsterdam after only two months - he must like us so much! Today had a long chat with ER which left me confused. Distance makes things more difficult and modern technology can only partially bridge that gap. After the chat went out again and was joking with DA in the bars - he is a cute blond 20-something and we always joke how much we want to have sex with each other. And was talking with BR about how much he wants to pay me for sex (if you see us you'd know this is totally ridiculous) and with EL how he is enjoying life after he broke up with his boyfriend. Even if some of the friends won't ever see me again if I am sick or poor, as long as they want to spend quality time with me I am grateful to them. Friends rock!

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Anonymous said...

Pay you for sex? Well, I may have someone who is interested. Care flying over here?