Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The advantages of speaking French

Hello everybody from Yogyakarta where we arrived this afternoon. Where did I leave you? Ah, I remember in sex-less Bangkok. Well, on my last evening there after the great dinner and drinks with CW I met up with my old friend DL and although he has grown chubby and he has piercings in the most unusual places, after the Singhas we had sex. So. Now you all know it and can sleep well again. Happyamsguy had sex in Bangkok.
So yesterday we went to Kuala Lumpur because the cheapest and easiest way to travel from Bangkok to Yogyakarta is with Air Asia via KL. GI had never been to KL so he enjoyed seeing the Petronas Towers. After dinner we went to Blueboy which apparently is the only gay bar open on a Tuesday. It was very quiet, I chatted to a tall Chinese guy but after he volunteered his sexual preferences I left him alone. GI was dancing topless and we were all drinking too much (we spent every single ringgit we had on us). There was another short very cute guy dancing shirtless, he was naturally muscular (not gym muscular) and totally 100% cute. He was with a few local friends but mostly keeping to himself and dancing intensely, and totally ignoring us. Around 230am I was almost ready to call it a night when he gave me a little smile so I walked over and introduced myself. He asked if I speak French so I said "Oui, je parle Francais" and from that moment on he changed totally. He couldn't stop telling me how French is so romantic and his favourite song is "Ne me quitte pas" by Jacques Brel of which I happen to know all the lyrics so I sang the song for him. He is a mixed race Filipino living in KL (mixed Japanese/Indian/Filipino/Spanish). Later after the bar closed he wanted to speak more French in my hotel room, and MA said this morning at breakfast he had never seen such a big smile on my face so I also must have enjoyed the French conversations.
Now we are waiting here for BA to arrive from Bali - he is an Indonesian living in Amsterdam who happens to be on holiday in his home country and will join us for the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Oh well. You did not pollute Bkk but polluted KL instead. Now, did you remember anything of the night?

As for my memory of BKK, my bad. It shows that I can't keep count of your adventures.

Have fun in your former colony!

sgboy said...

"I chatted to a tall Chinese guy but after he volunteered his sexual preferences I left him alone"

so what was he into? skanky, kinky, dirty and nasty stuff?