Monday, 15 October 2007

Taipei leads the way

Taipei hosted Asia's largest gay pride parade on Saturday. About 15,000 people showed up. One of the highlights was that mega-pop star A-Mei pledged to serve as "Rainbow Star Ambassador". Thousand of individuals, including families with children and senior citizens were seen joining the parade. This year's parade also saw a larger number of teenage students from middle and high schools, not all of whom are gay or lesbian. The parade saw for the first time contingents formed by the two main political parties in Taiwan, a sign that both parties are serious about winning support from LGBT voters in the upcoming race for the Legislative House in December and presidential election to be held in March next year.
This is great news. It would be good if all Asian leaders who claim that homosexuality is "against Asian values" have a close look at the situation in Taiwan.
I have been to Taipei some 5 or 6 times and always liked it there. People are friendly, the National Palace Museum is great, they have interesting parks, and good bars and clubs. I wonder if my friends from Taipei ZA, PE and JE joined the parade.

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sgboy said...

A Mei a great supporter of gay and lesbians? I love her even more now.