Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Bicycle, telephone and investments

I missed my daily bicycle commute to work and suddenly realized why I felt so bloated and tired: not enough fresh air. So today I ignored the pains and decided to ride to work. At first the muscles were painful, but after a few breaths of fresh air I was feeling like an 18-year old boy again.
I spent all evening on the phone. Everybody is calling to ask how is OS and how am I, and for some reason they all have their own sickness stories too. MA has an infection on/under his nose (looks like too many poppers), DAZ has an infected cheek (but his good news is that he starts his new job with the fire brigade tomorrow, aren't we all jealous?), and WIB's partner FR has been suffering from stomach pains. Free investment advice part 3: buy medical stocks now!

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