Saturday, 27 October 2007

Peadophiles use royal photos

The Dutch royal family was shocked to learn that a photo of Princess Amalia had been posted on the website of paedophile association Martijn. "It is almost inconceivable to think of anything further beyond the limit of decency," said a spokesperson for the government information service RVD on behalf of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. The RVD called on the government attorney to take legal action against Martijn. The photos bore the caption ‘our royal family has once again produced a whole generation of little princes and princesses, thank goodness!' There were also allegedly comments of a sexual nature below the photos. These had been removed by Thursday afternoon however.
I am a very liberal person but I make one exception: peadophiles should all be castrated and banned to some island surrounded by dangerous sharks, and be left alone to rot.

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