Thursday, 11 October 2007

An empty agenda

At the time I write this I should have been on SQ 323 somewhere above the Andaman Sea, landing in Singapore in a few hours and connecting to Phuket. Instead, I am in my study at home updating my bloody blog. My social agenda is totally empty for the next 10 days, well, I was not planning to be here, was I? My best drinking buddies are in Phuket, this morning I was chatting with MA and GI as I was preparing to go to work and they were sipping cocktails around the pool of Club One Seven.
Either someone has advertised my profile somewhere or people can smell that I have some free time, because these last couple of days I have received messages from 3 guys who are visiting Amsterdam and want to meet. I have declined them all for reasons that I also don't know....
It is brilliant autumn weather (sunny, calm, beautiful colours) so maybe the weekend I will just take my bike for a long tour to the heath fields and forests around Hilversum.

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