Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Dangerous e-mails

Just before I left the office today I heard my boss shout "SHOOT!" so I walked over to see what had happened. Earlier he had asked me for a game plan for a new contract that we are about to close. It is quite a complicated situation with many parties involved and he wanted my opinion on how best to structure the deal so that we make a lot of money on the project. So I sent him a long e-mail basically telling him in undiplomatic terms how to play the game resulting in big profits for us. So my boss uses my e-mail to draft an e-mail to the client written with many nice phrases "we value our relationship", "long term commitment", "discounted rates", well you get the picture. And he forgets to delete my e-mail which is below the text he wanted to send to the client! So when the client (ex-client?) reads his e-mail, he will read the nice blah-blah of my boss first followed by my suggestions how to screw him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have never been screwed by you. Better talk to that ex-client to find out how he feels.

Have a nice day!

DA in SF