Saturday, 6 October 2007

Stupid idiots.....

I was just chatting with KH who told me our mutual friend (well, acquaintance only) FR has been jailed in Singapore for drug possession.

From the State's Times web-page:
"Two friends went to Malaysia last December and returned about a week later with 16 Ecstasy pills. FR, 31, and XYZ, 55, were jailed five years on Thursday for importing them. FR, an arts graduate of the National University of Singapore, was also ordered to be caned five times. Three other charges of bringing in 4.26g of ketamine, and 0.01g of methamphetamine, were taken into consideration by District Judge Jasbendar Kaur in sentencing. The court heard that following a tip-off, FR and XYZ were arrested at 10pm at a car park along North Bridge Road on Jan 4. The next day, police searched the house the two friends shared in Jalan Tari Serimpi in Jalan Kayu. There, they found 16 pink tablets in the refrigerator, which contained 0.81g of the drug known as Ecstasy. Asking for leniency, the duo's lawyers from KhattarWong, pointed out that the total amount of drugs was about 5g, and it was for personal consumption.
They could have been jailed up to 30 years and caned 15 times. FR claimed trial to two trafficking charges for allegedly selling ketamine and methamphetamine to airline steward ABC on Dec 17."

So stupid to use drugs in Singapore. I met FR just after I arrived in Singapore and we spent some quality time together in mid-2005. He was at my birthday party that year and most of my friends went ga-ga over him. (yes, he is cute) But not long thereafter I learned that he was practising unsafe sex and I stopped seeing him. So now he is in jail for 5 years with a red butt.

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