Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A sentimental bitch....

...yes, that's me. OS had his 9-hour operation today and according to the doctor who called me (the handsome one!) everything went "according to protocol" whatever that is supposed to mean. I went to the hospital and I guess I wasn't prepared for the carnage that I was seeing. They cut him open from this left ear all the way down and up again to his chin, easily 15-20cm. So now he is full of stitches and what looks like staples. Two tubes inserted into his throat to get rid of all the blood from the big wounds, and when I was there the blood flowed like the Niagara Falls on a rainy day. Add more sensors, artifical breathing, blood dripping out of his mouth and you get the picture. His eyes were closed (so soon after the operation still effects from the anaesthesia) but when I touched him he looked up for a few seconds and a few tears flowed. And when I told this story to my mum I had a tear in my eye, too. Sentimental bitch, me.

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