Saturday, 13 October 2007

An accident

Friday evening I received an SMS from CH informing me that he and FR were on their way to De Amstel Taveerne, an old gay pub that has been modernised and had its grand re-opening last night. So I decided to join them. As I was biking into town, suddenly some woman decided to cross the road right in front of me, I was going pretty fast so I had to brake with all force, the bike stopped but I flew through the air and landed with my face on the bike path. Lots of bystanders stopped to help me. I was bleeding heavily from my nose and upper lip, and my left leg and right arm were very painful. I couldn't stand up or walk so some very nice people carried me to a police station which happened to be just 50 meters away. The police called an ambulance, and when it came the ambulance people took a good look at my leg and arm, concluded they were only bruised, not broken, wiped my face clean, and left. The police were so nice to take me and my bike home. Was very, very painful last night, but I managed to sleep on painkillers and am feeling a bit better now. But still typing with left hand as right hand too painful. And a piece of one of my front teeth broke off so need to go to the dentist next week.

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aGent X said...

Gee..take care man! I had the same experience (but my front bicycle wheel got stuck on the tram lines...and i still have the bruise marks on my right knee to remind me)