Monday, 2 July 2007

The party

The party yesterday was good. Miraculously, the rain stopped half an hour after the first guests (my mom and her friend) arrived at 11:30am, the sun came out and we had brilliant weather the rest of the day. A few people cancelled (CA had the lamest excuse : "our rabbit is sick") so in the end 23 friends and family showed up. It was funny that as soon as my mom and her friend left WI and KE lighted a joint (as if my mom isn't used to joints, my oldest brother used to smoke when he was 17/18). CH and KE were great in helping with the BBQ and the dishes, the conversation was good and beer, wine and sangria flowed freely. Gifts were a couple of bottles of wine, two boxes of chocolates (bad for the diet), a couple of books, some creams and after-shaves, lube and poppers (from WI and GO, when I lived in Singapore I had asked WI to bring me some poppers and he remembered), and travel guides for my next trips to the Frisian Islands, Mexico, Budapest and Singapore. Singapore? MA, WI, RO and HE are planning a trip to Manila, Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore in October and they want me to come.

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