Sunday, 8 July 2007

The new seven wonders of the world

So the new seven wonders of the world have been elected, more or less democratically. I believe I can agree with the choices. I will be visiting one of the new wonders, the temple of Chichen Itza in Mexico (picture), next month. I have already been to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan (in January 1996 with MI, RB and MR) and the Colosseum in Rome (in 1999 with OS). So four more wonders to plan trips for: Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China, the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro (which I saw from the plane after stopping in Rio on the way to Sao Paolo) and Machu Picchu in Peru.

My own list of seven wonders: 1) ER, the sweetest guy in the world; 2) my mom, the sweetest woman in the world; 3) RE, for being such a good and honest friend for 26 years; 4) CA "every man needs a woman"; 5) MA, for all the hugs and for making me laugh and giving me alcohol; 6) AN for being too honest and making me laugh and getting me addicted to gin and tonics and 7) DA for keeping in touch and being such a good travel mate. Oh, I add nr 8) yesterday's Mongolian for looking so fucking hot. Hehehe


sgboy said...

wow I made it your "7 wonders" woo hoo

Anonymous said...

Chichen Itza is best visited right after it opens in the morning...before the tour buses from Cancun arrives. May I suggest trying to find your own private taxi driver? Maybe you can get lucky and he'll show you the local underground lagoons.

DA in Sf. Oh, thanks for including me in your "personal wonders." Though I thought it was more than just the travel part. hahahaha