Monday, 9 July 2007

Federer, Nadal and JE2

One the one hand, it is quite relaxing to be home alone and just do whatever I feel like doing. On the other hand, now I need to 1) water the plants; 2) iron my shirts; 3) clean the toilets; 4) do the shopping, etc., etc. So after I woke up around noon yesterday I did some the above, followed by a nice 2-hour bike ride (I need to train for next weekend's trip with RE) and watching the second to fifth set of Wimbledon men's final Federer - Nadal. Unfortunately, Federer won, mostly because of his superior serve. Nadal was playing much more creatively, and actually better, and I was sad to see him lose. Anyway, he is young so if he keeps improving I am sure his Wimbledon title will come soon.

After watching tennis I arrived just in time in April for the last 2 rounds of happy hour beer. They have extended the terrace and as the weather was nice last evening we all sat outside. JE had brought a friend from Milan, JE2 who turned out to be a nice person. Again it was 1130pm before I was home, and I fell into a coma the moment I hit the bed. Going out 4 nights in a row - maybe at my age I shouldn't do it.

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